Serious Summer Sewing

So, in exactly two weeks time from today, I will have jetted out of Doha and into somewhere slightly more populated, marginally cooler and infinitely freer when it comes to dressing oneself. On all counts, I cannot wait 🙂 However, after requiring a discreet wardrobe these past ten months, I feel totally unprepared for a summer spent here


This past week, in a flurry of activity in between writing reports and grading work, I managed to make myself three garments. Firstly, Tessuti’s Lisa dress as a blatant copy of Lisa’s version itself…

Secondly, a pair of Lisette culottes in Indigo Lulu Linen from Tessuti

and lastly, another pair of Lisette culottes in Scout Denim linen from Merchant and Mills.

The first pair is extremely cool and comfortable to wear except that they become quite loose during wear. Consequently, for the second pair, I sized down. Upon initially putting them on they are on the firm side; however, during the day’s wear, they loosen up just enough. Next time, though, I would make the next size up. On both pairs, I hemmed a teensy hem as I wanted them to work both on the continent (hee hee) and back here when school resumes in autumn. I highly recommend this particular Merchant and Mills linen for pants as it has weight and substance whereas I think the Tessuti linen I used is better suited for tops.

Will I make either again? Well, after reading Karen’s recent post where she states that “I’m trying to find what suits and sometimes I’m failing,” I could go either way. I love that they are a current style garment but I am not 100% sure that they work on me. Being that I am in my 40s and all that, you would think I had this thing called style figured out 🙂

Until next time, chat quietly amongst yourselves and drop me a comment. I love reading your thoughts and just having people stop by and say hi!


6 thoughts on “Serious Summer Sewing

  1. I love your capris. Culottes? I think a straight-legged capri-length pant is possibly a culotte? Who knows. I really like your colours of linen. As for figuring out style by the time you’re of a certain age, I’m finding that the style I had all figured out isn’t working too well anymore, so I’m searching for a new one. Maybe I’ll have to reinvent my style yet again in another 20 years or so….

    • I think I’ve finally nailed a look only to hit another ‘life stage’ and have to start all over again 😁. But for now, I think these capris / culottes are ok 😊

  2. I am totally in love with both those looks. You look super cool and fresh! I’m planning a navy pair of culottes and nice to know in advance that they’ll work with my Lisa top too 🙂

  3. Rally nice outfits. Simple, but beautiful, summery but not too informal and nicely put together with good accessories. Well done.

    I read the Karen article as you suggested, and of course, the lengthy commentary (always the best bit), and I wonder why people are so concerned about age appropriate. For me there are increasing areas of the body I will not display but I was never a mini skirted, belly exposing, cleavage loving teen. So I haven’t changed much. At nearly 60 arms, back and lower legs are still OK, but over the next ten years I may have to cover them up. Otherwise I think age is irrelevant.

    • Thanks for your kind words, Kate. As for what looks good…for me, a garment has to be comfortable, flatter my figure and not make the general public cringe when I step out 😏

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