Oh, dear. I really ought to do something but I’m in my pyjamas.

This will be my go to retort to any question after 3pm. Consider yourselves warned 🙂 Particularly likely when the option of slipping on some Closet Case Carolyn Liberty Midnight pyjamas… For such a pairing, I French seamed them all, even the pockets. Details, peeps. Details.

Until next time, chat quietly amongst yourselves.


7 thoughts on “Oh, dear. I really ought to do something but I’m in my pyjamas.

  1. french seam nerd. oh man. you look fab. if it were me, i wouldn’t limit the use of said pyjama or excuse to a time frame. why wait till 3? eh? i ask you!

      • oh boy. a) would you believe i only tonight discovered that you have been replying all along? i am such a tech infant. i apologise SO abjectly and with much grovelling. no longer feel unread. b) there is always and always room for such trousers in one’s wardrobe. not that i assume the offer still stands as (see point a) i have clearly neglected you though (see point a again) it wasn’t intentional. can we still workshop the idea?

  2. There is a requirement in everyone’s wardrobe for smart Pyjamas. Or relaxed indoor trousers. Made in lovely fabrics that can (at a push) be worn to the shops. Darker colours with a sweet pocket can easily pass as trousers if needs be.

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