Summer Sewing Reflection in Three Action Shots

So, the long days of summer are over. Nine weeks of Italian, Slovenian, Croatian and Serbian glory are but a memory. Mainly good memories but a few not so: friends from Australia met with us for our two week, self-named Europe at Top Speed holiday; I saw a cousin for the first time in twenty seven years; my mother-in-law passed away after a tiring battle with mesothelioma which she fought for 18 months. She was 66, brave, and sewing to the end.

We now find ourselves back in Doha and in an effort to revive my flogged spirits, I thought it time to reflect on my summer of sewing, actually, a summer of wearing my summer sewing, before starting on my winter wardrobe (and I use the term ‘winter’ VERY loosely!)

First up, a sladoled stop in Stari Grad, Hvar with my dear friend Lorraine. Wearing a Merchant and Mills Dress Shirt made up from the wrong side of Merchant and Mill’s Indigo Flight.


Although not the most figure flattering garment I have ever worn, it did look nice and was exceptionally lovely to wear in the heat of the Croatian islands. I made it in the smallest size possible in an attempt to achieve some shape and it is not too bad. Next time round I would just shape it a smidge more from the bust to the hip. While sitting and eating lunch in Florence a few days later, a stranger stopped me to enquire whether I had made my own dress and could she know what the pattern was and where to buy the fabric. Turns out she is a student of Susan Khalje of couture fame. The closest I am probably ever going to get to Susan 🙂

The next garment to receive lots of wear was my Tessuti Lisa top, made from a Tessuti white linen. Although not designed to flatter a pear shape, it was one of my favourite items to wear as it looked chic in a way only linen can do on a hot day. This be my mum and I, strolling in Venice.


And lastly, the Colette Laurel dress in Tessuti’s Copper Lined Water linen, long gone from their website. This has got to be the closest thing to an ‘appealing shift dress on a pear’ I have ever sewn but I still need to work out a few alterations.


Deepest apologies that this is not a technical post, nor one highlighting the design features of any garment, but all of these patterns are Oldie Goodies which better writers have already done justice to. I can now move on.

As always, until next time, chat quietly amongst yourselves.


2 thoughts on “Summer Sewing Reflection in Three Action Shots

    • Gace (but won’t be posting picture of them any time soon)! And I’ve nearly finished a Burda skirt out of a buttercup yellow Valentino linen…just need to find a small section of hem.

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