Merchant & Mills: Curlew

Following my public proclamation that I would sew up nine new patterns during the course of 2016, and attempting to work my way through my stash in order to appease my husband, I whipped up a Merchant & Mills Curlew top from their Workbook in some charcoal linen. In a fit of delusion, and probably because I can usually size down in Merchant & Mills patterns, I cut out a size I have not been since I was two years old. Let me introduce you to va-va-voom ChaCha


Ok, not too bad in this shot but did you notice how I deceptively shot this? Now for a less than stellar back shot…


Let me introduce you to my hefty twin sister, Helga the Russian fridge thrower. She looks like she has some kobasice tucked up under there but when I man-handled her, I found that she was telling the truth; it was, indeed, just the way the linen was sitting.

From another angle, the top also makes me appear to have a very large bosom which I do not have (size 8 in Australian underwear) so I am not sure what is going on there.


Anyway, I somehow managed it suction it off without losing a layer of skin so all was not lost. Once off, I gave it my dear friend Sal as she is a smidge *cough cough* smaller than I and also happens to love wearing black. I would actually love to try the dress version of the Curlew but that will be for another day.

Lastly, in a moment of reflection, this top makes me continue to question what body shape I really am. In the past three years, I have had two body shape assessments by two professional people trained in such stuff. One claimed that I was a pear while the other said I was an hourglass. Totally confused, I went to the source of all body wisdom and asked Trinny and Susannah. They said I was a Skittle. Maybe I should just go eat some and call it a day 🙂 What do you think, loyal readership?

ChaCha signature 2

PS: And when I say I ‘went to Trinny and Susannah’ I don’t mean I consulted their books. I went to Trinny and Susannah.


5 thoughts on “Merchant & Mills: Curlew

  1. fridge-thrower hey? kielbasa is the only thing that will get you through those hectic training sessions. and may i just say, what a magnificently athletic two year old this means you must have been!

    i was reading this post with some interest, admiring the first image and the binding, but confess to a hearty guffaw as i scrolled to the big reveal. i’m so glad your friend could give a home to the otherwise lovely garment. perhaps it was meant to be this way?

    meanwhile, most sincere congratulations on the word-smithery cha-cha. a delight.

  2. I am also a skittle and I just made this dress. It does the very same things to me. I think there is a problem with the bust dart placement and the depth of armholes. I also don’t like the application of the binding at the neckline and armholes (I’m making it sleeveless so I used the top and dress mixed together). I think it’s going to take a day to get this thing sorted. So sad the bust darts are precut because they are definitely not right for me.

    • Hi Juliette! Thanks for commenting… this log has been long neglected 😩 A shame that the dress did not work for you either. I avoid cutting out the dart as then you can’t do anything with it. I would like to see if I could make this work but as a woman of shape, I find it very hard to wear anything cut on the bias. The battle continues! Let me know if you do find anything that works.

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