Sewing Supplies Series: The Taliban Store

Dear Loyal Readership,

Although many of us have access to amazing fabric stores that we frequent, um… frequently, my days of tripping in to Tessuti or The Fabric Store on a whim are temporarily on hold.

Although I miss the quality and choice I had in Melbourne desperately, Doha fabric shopping feels like I am setting forth on a grand adventure. From the tiny stalls down at Souq Waqif to the stores at the fabric souq, colour abounds and so does the visual feast.

In this series first, I bring you the Taliban Store. Not to be confused with an Afghani political group by the same name, the store sells zips, buttons, lace, thread and fabric to locals and expats alike.


Opened approximately 15 years ago by Saleem Khan from Peshawar, Pakistan, space is at a premium. Every millimetre of the store is stuffed to overflowing with goods designed to keep even the most bored of 11 year old boys entertained, and I speak from experience 🙂

From buttons in dusty drawers to stacked spools of thread…

to snake-like zips and swathes of satin fabric…

the Taliban Store has it all.

Although the name no doubt raises the odd international eyebrow and seemingly causes great discussion online from time to time, it was well worth the trip for our purposes. We picked up beautiful embroidery thread and velvet ribbon for the kids to complete some holiday projects, for a grand total of 6 QAR ($2 AUS). It may not be as flash as shopping back in Australia, but it adds to the adventure we are having!

Until next time, chat quietly amongst yourselves.