Closet Case Files: Carolyn Pyjamas

Funny how the simplest of projects take the longest. These shorts were no exception. However, they are done and about to be packed into the suitcase for our summer away.


Made from pretty Liberty fabric, they are not what Missie would naturally pick but she wasn’t with me when I shopped for fabric so this is what happens 🙂 Luckily, she likes them.

The only thing I must do next time…stop hand stitching the hems and waistband. Time to embrace stitching in the ditch.

Oh, the fabric is from my favourite Doha fabric store, Ilham Textiles in Asiri Market where Naomi and I go to buy Liberty. We are always welcomed with a massive smile and hot glasses of tea. I must get a photo next time…


8 thoughts on “Closet Case Files: Carolyn Pyjamas

  1. i am thinking there will be more poolside lounging than pillowside lounging, the print is too fun to restrict. nicely done cha-cha.

    • Thanks, my dear 🙂 I think we should have a pj party with the requirement that all be wearing Liberty. How cool would that be!

    • I actually had stitched them all up in the ditch with a lovely violet thread but felt it spoiled it somehow so out it came 😦 Much happier now! It’s funny that I don’t like Liberty for anything except pj’s…just not my thing.

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