My Tessuti Jaywalker

A few hours before the cut-off time of 11:59 pm and I have emailed in my entry into Tessuti’s latest sewing challenge. Here is what I came up with for MissE: a racer back dress of otherwise unquantifiable shape trimmed with Tessuti’s own Candy Jersey and embellished with a geometric design stem stitched with matching neon DMC thread.

This make was quick and fun and was very well received by teenchild!

All the best to all the other entrants!

Until next time, chat quietly among yourselves!


La Petite Robe – Vanessa Pouzet

A new day, a new dress. Finished just in time to walk out the door to my dental appointment. My dentist’s parents are both tailors so we yack on about sewing while  she works on my teeth.  This number is from new-to-me French independent designer Vanessa Pouzet in Iquitos Navy (97%/3% cotton/spandex) fabric from Tessuti (no longer available online but I did see it in store today).

Overall, the pattern appealed to me; however, I contemplated making changes to the sleeve head as I don’t like gathers AT ALL but decided against it as I thought my first iteration should remain somewhat true to the original design. So here ’tis, together with our version of the Toyota leap!

I cut a size 42 but ended up taking in the side seams by an additional 1cm (effectively making it a size 38 through the body). I also shortened the sleeves by 6″, added very long darts in the back, and lengthened the dress considerably. I great little dress and super comfy to wear to the dentist! And a visit to Noisette, Tessuti, The Cloth Shop… By the way, Vanessa’s patterns have to be the EASIEST pdf’s to put together; no cutting or folding, just butt the edge of the pages together and you are right to go!

Until next time, chat quietly amongst yourselves.

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Deer & Doe Plantain

Due to an impending international move, all has been quiet on the sewing front. However, it is time to start sewing up some fabric as a way of minimising what is to be packed! Yesterday, I downloaded, wielded some BluStick, cut out, and stitched up a Plantain for MissE from 100% merino that she selected at The Fabric Store last year. This morning, I added some trim to make it a little less bland (the button is from here, my favourite shop in Paris!).  MissE loved it, particularly the little ‘E’, and wore it all day.

In reflection, a larger size is needed to accommodate her shoulders and she has asked that the neckline be raised. We looked for more fabric today but did not find anything interesting. I am heading online in search of knits so if you have any great suggestions for something a little funky that may appeal to a teen, please do comment!

Until next time, chat quietly amongst yourselves.

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FO – Merchant and Mills Camber

January is all but over and my plans of stitching up a slew of garments did not eventuate. I did make another Renfrew (yet to be blogged) and this past Sunday, between brunch and lots of chatting with Ivona the Sewing Bestie, traced off, muslined, and completed this Camber Dress.

Made from Tessuti’s Wainscott Denim enzyme washed linen, and purchased at their recent sale, this was a dream to sew up. I did make a few alterations though: firstly, I reduced the width of the dress front by moving the “place on fold” line in ⅝” (resulting in a 1 ¼” narrowing). Secondly, I followed by own instructions for attaching the front neck bias piece. EDITED INFO: I also altered the neckline to be more boatneck as the round neck is not particularly flattering on me and I lengthened the sleeves considerably. Overall, I agree with Rachel that this dress is simple and beautifully drafted. I am also thankful that she recommended this pattern to me. However, I will try the next version in the smallest size as I feel it is a little too shapeless (particularly in the back) for a Skittle (pear or triangle!) like me.

Once again, I experimented with colour and think it suits me. After wearing it all day yesterday, and falling asleep in it on the couch last night, it is super comfortable and even looks gorgeous all crushed up. To further stretch myself, I want to add some brass studs to the sleeves as a feature.  We will see how that looks…

Until next time, chat quietly amongst yourselves.

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Vintage Simplicity

Someone recently asked me to sum up my personal style in a handful of words and my response was: clean and uncluttered with the occasional touch of drama. Interestingly, those who know me well would probably say the exact same words describe my personality! Consequently, I leaf through the Big 4 and rarely find a pattern that speaks to me. However, I do find vintage 1960’s pattern often provide me with the aesthetic I am after. Enter Simplicity 6437; a Jiffy dress in three main pattern pieces with high round neckline and back zipper with extended shoulder line.


Jiffy the title and jiffy indeed! I attempted to have this dress completed for Christmas day; however, I was down and out with tonsillitis so the dress lay in wait as some excess needed to be pinned out. Late on Christmas day some friends came over and Ivona (of vintage pattern empire fame) pinned in the excess and marked the hem for me. I love my sewing bestie! Altogether, I took in approximately four inches from the underarm through to the hip. From the hip line to the hem, I released each seam by the scantest of margins. Although vintage patterns are usually spot on for me going by the bust measurement, this one was not.

The fabric is a beautiful 80% cotton / 20% polymide German fabric called White Fields and was purchased from Tessuti. It was $28 a metre, purchased on sale with a 30% discount. It is now sold out but was beautiful to work with. I wore the dress yesterday for a trip to Tessuti for more fabric and a Brunetti coffee and I must say that it handled the outing well.

Thanks for reading and until next time…chat quietly amongst yourselves!

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