Oliver + S Lullaby Layette

A Sweet Pea is on the way so that means small sewing. Delish! No issues with fit means high satisfaction in my book. First up is this wee piece of gorgeousness.

Made from a cotton so light one suspects it was intended for someone delicate in frame and nature, it should be perfect for keeping baby skin protected from the harsh sun. It is still to have fastenings on the front placket but I am searching for just the thing. As no one is sure whether Sweet Pea will be a he or a she, I will be making up a second version from an equally gauzy, yet slightly more masculine, fabric.

In reflection, as I suspect that this post is suggestive of Sweet Pea joining our family, please be assured that is simply and thankfully not the case. Sweet Pea belongs to a new but very dear friend 🙂

Until next time, chat quietly amongst yourselves. Or with me if the desire so strikes.


Doing it all for my baby

Who doesn’t love a little bit of Huey Lewis?? I digress… My baby doesn’t enjoy the fruits of my labours very often so I focused my latest sewing efforts on him. Here he is in an Oliver + S Sketchbook shirt ready for church today. He is SO handsome! Sewing wise…the pattern made up beautifully. I cut a size 12 (he is a tall nine) and added 2 inches to the length of the shirt. However, it was not enough as the shirt still can not be tucked in (not that I mind in this case). In order to appease my perfectionist sewing tendencies re pattern matching, I pinned the first body piece pattern into place and then drew on each solid blue line until the fabric pattern was traced onto my pattern piece. It was then very easy to make sure the opposite side matched perfectly. Go on…say it! I already know! The fabric was an Italian shirting (so the tag said!) from Spotlight and I think about $14 / m. It was still available last week when I popped in.

IMG_5017 IMG_5015

Until next time, chat quietly amongst yourselves!

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