Grainline Studio: Linden

Although I should not admit this publically as a number of my friends will disown me, particularly my sister Sanja and my friend Ivona, I believe that wearing something elasticated each day (underwear aside) should be mandated by governments worldwide. I believe that if people wore comfortable clothing (unmatched and nothing a la Juicy Couture), there would be less bullying in the workplace, people would be more gracious when shopping during the Christmas sales and world leaders would start making decisions which were right for the masses and not necessarily right for themselves.

Enter my first garment of 2016; a Linden sweatshirt made on January 1 and blogged now in May as obviously I am on top of my life.


Made from the cloth of a famous American designer whose name escapes me right now, with some spotty fanciness from Miss Matatabi, this was ‘sewing the stash’ at its finest. Although not a colour that particularly enhances my complexion, it gets a lot of wear. Once I have found some more particularly interesting stretch fabric, and once we are again living in a climate that drops below 25.C in winter, I will make a few more.

And just because you all want to see me actually wearing the garment, here it is in two different locations: on the Corniche with the Museum of Islamic Art in the background and a palm tree growing out of my head (thanks, Stewart) and at the souq in Muscat with my two babes, waiting for the gracious shopkeeper to return after scurrying off to bring cans of soft drink for the kids and cups of karak for the adults.


PS: The fabric is a Tory Burch I purchased about two years ago from The Fabric Store in Melbourne. It has horrible recovery.