Merchant & Mills: Fielder

I won’t lie… I really love linen and I love the concept of the designs from Merchant and Mills. However, items that are boxy or loose do little to flatter my figure. Add to that the variation of two sizes between my top quarter and hip region and I can look anything but summer chic in baggy clothing.

Late last year I found myself, once again, perplexed by the restrictions of appropriate dress in a conservative Middle Eastern country and went on the search for something new to sew. Enter the Fielder Dress taken in the glare of 5am sunlight with poor posture and unaccessorised; Trinny and Susannah would have something to say about that!


Made from Merchant & Mills Goodnight linen with matching Goodnight ribbing, I was reasonably surprised with the outcome of this pattern. Although still loose, it is a little more than a sack with bust darts. The sleeves sport a conceptually gorgeous dartย and there is mild shaping through the torso. I wouldn’t mind a little more shaping around the waist but as I said, not too bad.



Now for the review: The bust darts are fine as is, the upper sleeve feels a little firm and the shape of the dart in the raglan sleeve is totally not right for the shape of my shoulders. Although it may seem that it is merely a result of my amazing modelling skills, it is not; that seam does just not want to follow the curve of my shoulder. It probably does not help that I needed to do a forward shoulder adjustment of about 1″ but I didn’t. When will I learn! Lastly, the measurements for the ribbing resulted in sleeve bands that feel too tight but I am yet to take them off and replace them with bands the next size up. FYI, I don’t have exceptionally muscular forearms in case you were wondering ๐Ÿ™‚

Since making this dress last November, I have made a top version out of linen and viscose which is obviously yet to be blogged. Adjustments and a modified review will follow sometime in the new year ๐Ÿ™‚ Although there are things that I still don’t like about this dress and the modified top, I do wear it a fair bit and plan to make a lighter linen version in the next few weeks.

And lastly, because this is my blog and I can, here is another picture of my epic shoes, bought in one of my favourite cities in the world, Belgrade, Serbia. The people there make me laugh as when I am in Serbia, people think I am Serb (which I am) but when I am in Croatia, people think I am Croatian (which I also am). I try to solve the issue by buying shoes in both places, doing my part to keep their respective economies going. Let’s see what I find this summer!


Until next time, chat quietly among yourselves or feel free to comment ๐Ÿ™‚

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4 thoughts on “Merchant & Mills: Fielder

  1. the shoes are indeed magnificent. you were right to buy them and you are right to show them off at every opportunity.

    this blue is magic, you look (even in the glaring light of a desert sun) quite fresh and comfortable and also chic. i’ve been having some long standing arguments with myself and various clothing labels about the shape/cut/lack of shape/lack of cut they provide and wondering if there is anyone in the world who actually is the size and shape of what’s for sale on the high street. never mind that. what i WANTED to say: i think with the right belt, a sack (with or without darts) can go a long way and your fielder is working nicely. well played cha-cha, well played!

  2. love the dress chacha – but mostly just love that relaxed pose in the first picture, one leg up and hands folded behind your back. And that expression on your face, dreamy and far off – what are you thinking about? maybe just hurry up and take the picture…

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