Why is everyone looking at me?

For many years I clutched a small piece of Miss Valentino yellow linen, bought from The Cloth Shop in Heidelberg, never sure what to make out of it. Living in a country where neutrals reign supreme (think black, black and more black) I did not want to stand out like a sore thumb. I know. How unlike me πŸ™‚ However, in the mounting heat of June 2015 and just a few days before flying out of Doha for Europe, it fell upon me to make Burda 7124 in View A; a three spool skirt according to the pattern envelope.

Featuring an interesting back yoke and curved front darts that are beautifully visible in this solid fabric, this is no ordinary pencil skirt. Although not a difficult make, trying to beat this slightly slippery fabric into submission tried my patience, particularly where darts met. I won that round, though, by leaving the skirt in Doha for the summer πŸ™‚

Lined in a 100% cotton stretch something-or-other, it is comfortable to wear even though it creases at the slightest sidewards glance. Before anyone writes in to point out that it is hemmed at an unflattering length…I already know that. BUT, as I live in a culture where one’s knees must be adequately covered while in the seated position, this is as short as I can go without reprimand. I wore it to school with a black, sleeveless vest of the same length which prompted a colleague to call out, “You are ready to lead, Bumblebee. Do not doubt yourself,” before she skulked off, sniggering quietly. So much for friends πŸ™‚

Until next time, chat quietly amongst yourselves

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11 thoughts on “Why is everyone looking at me?

    • Not if you use a stable fabric. Would come up beautifully in a stretch cotton… Get mum to help you next time she visits, particularly with the back vent.

  1. lady! your skirt is tremend. i approve. what’s more, you look all young and doe-eyed in your first photo so you’re doing *something* right! but the colour is probably my favourite thing.

    • Thanks, Kate! I have been inspired by your use of colour and am trying to incorporate more colour into my fabric selection. At the moment it seems confined to the actual purchasing, not the making 😦

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