Sewing Supplies Series: Souq Al Asiery

This past week, together with my mum (visiting from Australia) and my friend Naomi, I took my first trip to the famed Souq Al Asiery, locally also known as Escalator Souq as it was the first souq in Doha to have an escalator installed. A quick online search revealed that “texture is available there” as well as “most Filipino products.” Hmmm…intriguing. From the outside it is not much to look at.


However, the inside revealed a slew of stores carrying everything from polyester to silk to Liberty.

Additionally, one could also pick up Requirements for Men (the sandals), jewelry and travel goods or you could get yourself some clothing made tailor made šŸ™‚

I decided to purchase a few metres of Liberty which, at $30 AUS a metre, was a touch cheaper than at home. Now, to sew it all up!

Until next time, chat quietly amongst yourselves.

5 thoughts on “Sewing Supplies Series: Souq Al Asiery

  1. first of all GAH! to a whole store of liberty, i think i would lose my mind to the plethora of prints.
    second of all that oversized pink camellia-rose-peony fabric is supreme. i love it. i think perhaps it would make a most ‘camouflaging’ muumuu for someone in my delicate condition. am a little bit surprised by the frequency with which people attending a certain place of worship are currently coming up to me to say, “you’re pregnant? i had *no* idea!” hilair!
    happy sewing cha-cha x

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