New Name. Same Old Stuff.

Dear friends, followers and other interested parties:

Due to recent sewing misadventures, the wit of Lady Lilian, and relocation to the Middle East where certain words and internet filtering systems came head-to-head, I have renamed my blog. I hope you stay with me. There has been no sewing these past two months as my machines are somewhere in the skies between Melbourne and our new home. I do, however, give you a small visual taste of what I have been seeing round these here parts.



I have made two fabric purchases which would make my Australian sewing counterparts cry ($14 for two metres of silk) and an overlocker (a Bernette 610D), which promptly blew up when plugged in and switched on. Consequently, I am still without a sewing aid of any sort and cannot do anything. Time to go and wallow…


4 thoughts on “New Name. Same Old Stuff.

  1. Hi, so pleased to hear about your adventures. Looking forward to more photos and news from afar.
    from the north blackie Rachx

    • Total insanity! Mind you, the man serving me thought I was nuts when I only asked for two metres. I had a quick yet furtive glance around the store and saw that local ladies were buying whole rolls. Maybe they don’t want to be seen in the same dress as someone else… Took the machine back and was given a new one immediately (I did get him to take it out of the box and test it). It appears there was a fault in the foot pedal.

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