Papercut: Anima

Having a bit of fun with MissE and our new Anima pants. Both out of merino from The Fabric Store and super comfortable. Hers, size XS and knee length. Mine: S and full length but pulled up for a sporty vibe. After fours pairs, I am still not 100% happy with the waistband but will let sleeping dogs lie. This pattern is a keeper!

Until next time, chat quietly amongst yourselves.


13 thoughts on “Papercut: Anima

    • Firstly, handling the elastic while topstitching can be tricky if your elastic is of the firm variety. Secondly, it can leave you with a messy inside waistband once it is folded over and I am not a fan of messy!

    • Drawstring was just from Lincraft. I found they had an excellent colour range of the stuff whereas Spotlight had none. MissE loves them!

  1. These look fun and comfy. I just read your comment about the waistband and agree, I bought elastic that was way too stiff and found it a nightmare and sooo messy.

    • The next two pairs were much better with softer elastic but I’m just pedantic about finishes so I will keep on trying until I am happy!

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