Calli Faye: Perri Pullover

New day, new sewing post of a entirely different tone to yesterday’s which has netted me zero entrants in my giveaway. Anyone surprised?! Didn’t think so.

Recently, I have been craving modernity in clothing; something fresh, funky, and totally of the moment. I am tired of being considered the ‘classic’ dresser of the family and long to field style advice phone calls from friend or foe. A while back I stumbled across, and fell in love with, the Perri Pullover. Seeing as it came in an adult version and fulfilled the FFM requirements stated above, I purchased and set about making one up. Unfortunately, it fell in the same category of The Pants of Doom. Undeterred and considering how oversized the Perri is, I purchased the child version of the pattern and made up the largest size from a beautiful Marc Jacobs cotton padded knit and some Japanese fabric from Miss Matatabi.

Now, obviously, this is not me nor is it a photo of the divine MissE. We both tried on, and wore a few times, the Pink Perri but it was not to be. I loved the fabrics and the feel but the fit was not the loosely structured coolness of the original. MissE loved the comfort of the top but not the fabric. Enter my friend Racquel. She happened to visit on Friday afternoon and once in the front door, and given the opportunity to be in front of the camera, had thrown it on and accessorised with MissE’s leggings and shoes. She is beautiful to photograph and a total bundle of coolness. She LOVED the top and I was happy to have someone look fab in something that I made. The Pink Perri now resides in a suburb close by.

Originally, the delightful Rachel and I were going to do a friendly sewing challenge and reveal our makes to you all but we were both uninspired by how they were looking. Although I vowed to her that I would not be making this again, I may revisit it in a ladies size IF I can find equally structured fabric (something that appears an impossible task here in Melbourne unless one wants to go down the route of polyester and sweat glory).

Lessons I learnt from this make: you must make this up with a structured fabric that can hold its own. This may be why my original failed. And, there is nothing wrong with ‘classic’. I repeat, there is NOTHING wrong with classic!

Until next time, chat quietly amongst yourselves.


8 thoughts on “Calli Faye: Perri Pullover

  1. Glad to see your quilted fabric has been made into something fab. (mine was a disaster so ended up on the scrap heap). I already have the pleated pants pattern so I didn’t enter your give-away 🙂

    • I remember reading about your disaster! It’s a shame as the fabric was beautiful; wish I could find more of it.

  2. Love the fabric and the colors – awesomeness!!

    Hey don’t worry, you are classic and I am classed hippie and alternate by the family!!

    It’s what’s inside that counts, and we = BOMBASTIC sister!!!

    • Doesn’t bombastic mean pompous and pretentious? I would not have used either word to define us! I would say we are ‘da bomb’ though 🙂

  3. I absolutely love that padded knit. What a bummer the pattern turned out to be a difficult one to fit! I think you should try and get more padded knit – I’m going to look at The Fabric Store next time I’m there!

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