Giveaway: Papercut Pleated Pants Pattern

Dear friends and loyal readers,

It is with a heavy heart and a loss of words that I write to you today. I dreamt of bringing you gentle murmurings of the brilliance of my latest make but words simply cannot express how ABSOLUTELY AWFULLY UGLY these pants are on me! I considered refraining from posting images as we know that old saying, “If you can’t get them with words, haunt them with an image” but I thought that my claims must be backed up. So, either avert your eyes if you are of the sensitive variety or look on if you enjoy a scare as I bring you my first fail of 2014; the Papercut Pleated Pants.


Now, allow me to emphatically state that the blame for this fail falls ENTIRELY on me and has nothing to do with Papercut patterns. In my endeavour to sew a more modern silhouette, I failed to head the voice of warning that is my ‘Larger Thighs at Front‘. Aye yay yay yay yay! When will I learn. Now for the blessed relief from pictures and on to better things. I am hosting a giveaway of said Pants of Doom, together with the traced off pattern and the actual made garment (in a wool/lycra blend from The Fabric Store, size small, unhemmed and without the waistband closure). Anyone brave enough to enter? Here are the details: this giveaway is open to Australian residents only; you must pinkie promise to post a picture of yourself in the pants (or email me if you don’t blog) and you can host your own giveaway if you hate them. Maybe they will become the modern version of The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants! Here are some additional pictures sans model:

If you would like to enter, please leave a comment specifically stating your desire to be the proud owner of the entire bundle. As I need to banish these from my sight quick smart, the random draw will occur on Wednesday, July 30 at noon AEST. Good luck!

PS: Please excuse the bad quality images and general disarray of the surroundings; we are moving and things are not looking pretty.



13 thoughts on “Giveaway: Papercut Pleated Pants Pattern

  1. Oh dear. I got your blog message this morning too – I did have the dart length marked but as I understand, mine was an earlier pattern that was later amended. I recently made them again in a black viscose suiting and I love them – but I do agree they can be a bit odd to style. I am really behind on the Perri too – my muslin looked awful and I’ve been too sick to face thinking about adjusting them. You may have to go on without me and post yours. Maybe seeing yours will be the motivation I need to get back to mine!

    • ‘oh dear’ is going to become phrase of choice for this make, I think! Oh well, at least I ….. Nope, can’t think of anything to save this hot mess and the two days lost sewing! No worries about the Perri; my initial version (smallest ladies size) looked horrendous so I made the largest girls size. It fit both myself and my teen girl-child but neither of us loved wearing it. Yesterday, I had a friend come over and her daughter modelled it for my photo shoot and fell in love! Will post it later tonight but I don’t think it will be made again in this household. A real shame as I loved both my fabrics! Hope you are better soon; this Winter has been horrible for sickness. Take care.

  2. Kudos to you for “putting it out there” honestly! Your pants look very well made and the fabric looks well chosen for the pattern. I hope you find someone who will look fabulous in these pants.

    • That’s what galls me the most…lost sewing time! Hopefully someone does love them as there is nothing wrong with the pants per se, just not suitable on my figure. Live and learn!

  3. I’d love the pattern! Unfortunately, I’m not a size S. I’ve been swooning over Rachel’s for months. I have a pair of Style Arc Lola pants that I would post as a fail but I can’t actually get them on… At least you got yours on!!

    • Thanks, Leith. I will pop you into the draw (pants to be dealt with in an appropriate manner should you be the winner!); currently only two of you so things are looking good! Don’t you just hate pants that fail to cooperate 🙂

  4. It’s not your fault, it is the pattern, which should have never been made and sold. A design will not suit anyone, not even the most beanpole model. You should ask for your money back.

    • Hi Avis and thanks for your feedback. With so many different body shapes in the world it is good that there is choice in sewing patterns; otherwise some of us would not have much to sew! That said, although this pattern is not for me, I learnt a little more about fitting myself and had reconfirmed what does and does not work for me. Ultimately, a worthwhile experience in my book!

  5. Do you know, I think it really is more the pattern than you… so many people have had a struggle to make something of this pattern! I made these pants and they probably looked OK in photos (after a painful amount of letting them out at the outer AND inner legs!!) but they feel unpleasantly tight in all the wrong places when they’re on; I think I’ve managed to wear them only twice…

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