Wiksten Tova

Just call me Johnny-come-lately. The Wiksten Tova was released in 2010 and here I am, smack bang in the middle of 2014 making one for the first time. My reason for the failure to jump on the Tova bandwagon? My shape. I generally think it is more flattering on my frame to wear garments that are fitted through the torso and consequently steer away from anything advertised as ‘comfortable’: big, baggy, sloppy, unstructured, billowy, oversize, roomy, loose, unshapely, ill-fitting, and amorphous in my books! I ADMIRE anyone who can blow into a room looking gorgeous in said garment and dream of the day someone admires me for such a look. Anyhow, this past long-weekend I decided to give one a try. Here are the results:

While graciously billowy I am obviously not, I do think this is not too bad. The fabric was labelled as a 100% cotton voile from Spotlight and maybe it is. I do not suggest for a moment that Spotlight would engage in false advertising but talk is cheap and printed advertising is even cheaper. Overall, I think Tova may be made again as I prepare a basic Middle East appropriate wardrobe. It was one of the quickest makes I have ever sewn up and the instructions were excellent. Any opinion? Feel free to comment below. Oh, and who can spot the glaring mistake? Until next time…chat quietly amongst yourselves.

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3 thoughts on “Wiksten Tova

  1. I think your Tova looks lovely, I only purchased the pattern myself this year, but haven’t tried to make it yet. I do want to make it a little more fitted in the bust area so will definitely have to make up a toile first

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