Sewaholic Belcarra

I often wait until a new release is well and truly tried out by others before I purchase a pattern but this time, I preordered the Belcarra by Sewaholic and received it the day after it was released. I was particularly taken with the pintucks and knew I had fabric waiting in my stash. Here is my version of View B with pocket in an extremely fine 100% cotton from The Fabric Store.

This fabric crushes like nobody’s business which displeases me! I ironed it with my Delonghi Steam Station (which equates to not a wrinkle in sight), popped it on and stepped outside to be photographed. You would never tell…the top looks like a cow chewed it up and spat it out. Not happy, Jan (apologies to my international readers who may not get that reference!). I sewed the Size 4 but think I could comfortably go down to a Size 2 as the shoulders tend to slip around a bit too much and there is some excess around the hips (FYI: my bust measurement is 34″ and the finished garment measurement for the Size 4 is 36″). Due to the fine fabric, I French seamed every seam and love how it looks. Verdict: I will trace off the smaller size today and sew up another version. This top could become a staple and I do want to try it in a stretch. Another excellent pattern from Sewaholic!

Until next time, chat quietly amongst yourselves.

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15 thoughts on “Sewaholic Belcarra

    • Yes, French seams throughout and hand stitched the hem and the neck band. Don’t you hate having to buy another pattern…😊

  1. I love this on you. I was tempted to buy this pattern, but have so many patterns that I have resisted. I will enjoy seeing how it looks with your Gabriola skirt!

  2. Love this top and those pin-tucked shoulders. Nicely done! Too bad the fabric wrinkles so badly, but might look nice with a linen skirt! I love the wrinkled look of linen.

    • Yes, so do I! And you feel chic in crushed linen! Have plans to remake it in different fabric so we’ll see how that goes.

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