To date: Me-Made-May

After years of desiring to commit to Me-Made-Made but never having enough to wear, I took the plunge this year and quietly committed. In true ChaCha style, I made no public announcement; I surreptitiously added the badge to my side bar and hoped that no one would notice. My goal was simply to wear something ‘me made’ as many times as I could through the month and to assess what suits me by critically examining the photographic evidence post event. Here are my efforts to date:

1. Sewaholic Renfrew (unblogged) worn with Review pants, a Sportscraft leather jacket and Clarks shoes.

2. Burda skirt (7531 & unblogged) worn with an Oxford shirt, Witchery necklace and navy leather boots (origin unknown but all the ladies at work want to pin me down and steal them!)

3. Burda skirt (7531 & unblogged) worn with a Marcs jumper and aforementioned coveted navy boots!

4. New Look linen dress (6643 & unblogged) worn with a Cue cardigan, witchery necklace and black suede Joanne Mercer boots

5. Vanessa Pouzet La Petite Robe worn with a Jigsaw navy jacket and Boden shoes (my absolute favourite shoes!)

6. Sewaholic Belcarra top (unblogged) worn with Review pants, Tommy Hilfiger trench, Elk necklace and Clarks shoes

7. Colette Moneta (unblogged) worn with Cue cardigan, black belt and Boden shoes

8. Vanessa Pouzet La Petite Robe worn with Boden cardigan, Boden shoes and Jigsaw navy belt

9. Merchant & Mills Camber linen dress worn with Esprit pants, Boden shoes and Elk necklace.

What have I learnt to date? Firstly, that I wear my Boden shoes WAY to often and that I need to find another equally gorgeous pair of shoes. Secondly, that I am slowly building a wardrobe that is interchangeable and that I am seriously lacking in casual clothing. And lastly, although I love how I look in most days, the look that most resonates with my personality is number 9 while the look that is least ‘me’ is number 7. It will be interesting to hear what my sisters have to say in response!

Until next time, chat quietly amongst yourselves!

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