Deer & Doe Plantain

Due to an impending international move, all has been quiet on the sewing front. However, it is time to start sewing up some fabric as a way of minimising what is to be packed! Yesterday, I downloaded, wielded some BluStick, cut out, and stitched up a Plantain for MissE from 100% merino that she selected at The Fabric Store last year. This morning, I added some trim to make it a little less bland (the button is from here, my favourite shop in Paris!).  MissE loved it, particularly the little ‘E’, and wore it all day.

In reflection, a larger size is needed to accommodate her shoulders and she has asked that the neckline be raised. We looked for more fabric today but did not find anything interesting. I am heading online in search of knits so if you have any great suggestions for something a little funky that may appeal to a teen, please do comment!

Until next time, chat quietly amongst yourselves.

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4 thoughts on “Deer & Doe Plantain

  1. I just got some of that merino from The Fabric Store’s branch in L.A; such nice-quality fabric! I’ve seen so many raves about that pattern, I may have to try it out. I usually sew vintage, but a girl can always use some new T’s, can’t she?

  2. Absolutely! Now to just find some more fabric….I only had 15 minutes at the Fabric store yesterday so must head back today for a longer browse!

  3. I love this pattern as it is so simple but seems to suit all body shapes. I really like your daughters top, the colour is beautiful and the little button and tape on the hem is a lovely idea.

    • Thanks, Marj! Went fabric shopping yesterday for more knits so will make one for myself as you are right, the style is very versatile for various body shapes!

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