FO – Merchant and Mills Camber

January is all but over and my plans of stitching up a slew of garments did not eventuate. I did make another Renfrew (yet to be blogged) and this past Sunday, between brunch and lots of chatting with Ivona the Sewing Bestie, traced off, muslined, and completed this Camber Dress.

Made from Tessuti’s Wainscott Denim enzyme washed linen, and purchased at their recent sale, this was a dream to sew up. I did make a few alterations though: firstly, I reduced the width of the dress front by moving the “place on fold” line in ⅝” (resulting in a 1 ¼” narrowing). Secondly, I followed by own instructions for attaching the front neck bias piece. EDITED INFO: I also altered the neckline to be more boatneck as the round neck is not particularly flattering on me and I lengthened the sleeves considerably. Overall, I agree with Rachel that this dress is simple and beautifully drafted. I am also thankful that she recommended this pattern to me. However, I will try the next version in the smallest size as I feel it is a little too shapeless (particularly in the back) for a Skittle (pear or triangle!) like me.

Once again, I experimented with colour and think it suits me. After wearing it all day yesterday, and falling asleep in it on the couch last night, it is super comfortable and even looks gorgeous all crushed up. To further stretch myself, I want to add some brass studs to the sleeves as a feature.  We will see how that looks…

Until next time, chat quietly amongst yourselves.

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7 thoughts on “FO – Merchant and Mills Camber

    • Thanks, Marj. I’m not great with colour so it is good to get feedback from people who don’t know you. Somehow makes it more believable!

  1. It is great! I like the longer sleeves a lot. I am wearing an unblogged one today at work – charcoal linen with bright blue dots. They are so comfy and chic at the same time. Great work!

    • Thanks, Kirsty. Will try to get the smaller one made up soon as I hate it when I visually lose all shape. Just need to decide on a fabric!

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