Merchant and Mills Camber

Public cry for help! I am waiting for my Camber dress pattern to arrive but want to shop for fabric at The Fabric Store’s sale. Can anyone tell me the meterage requirements as the picture on the Merchant and Mills website is fuzzy when enlarged.


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4 thoughts on “Merchant and Mills Camber

  1. I have the hard copy pattern for Merchant and Mills ‘Panel Dress’ and the fabric info was very basic. For the both the sleeve and no sleeve dress you need 2m. No info on fabric width. I have a Burda pattern very similar to the ‘Camber’ dress and you will need 2.2m of 90cm wide fabric or 1.5m of 140-150 wide fabric. You really only need your body length plus the length of the sleeve when the fabric is 140-150 wide. And the Fabric Store stock mainly 140-150 wide fabrics. I hope you enjoy making the ‘Camber’ dress as much as I have loved making the ‘Panel’ dress. The fit and cut of this pattern is beautiful and I am very impressed with these patterns. They are expensive but a fantastic stable pattern to have for many years. And I think the ‘Camber’ will fit that bill. Have fun sewing it and I look forward to seeing it made up.

    • Thanks so much for the info, Marj. I must check out the Panel dress you mentioned…And yes, keep your eye out for my version soon!

  2. Dress 140cm wide 2.10 for all sizes
    120cm wide. 8-10. 12- 2.30 mtr 14/16/18. 2.50 mtr
    150cm wide. Without nap 1.70 mtr
    Hope this helps

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