Vintage Simplicity

Someone recently asked me to sum up my personal style in a handful of words and my response was: clean and uncluttered with the occasional touch of drama. Interestingly, those who know me well would probably say the exact same words describe my personality! Consequently, I leaf through the Big 4 and rarely find a pattern that speaks to me. However, I do find vintage 1960’s pattern often provide me with the aesthetic I am after. Enter Simplicity 6437; a Jiffy dress in three main pattern pieces with high round neckline and back zipper with extended shoulder line.


Jiffy the title and jiffy indeed! I attempted to have this dress completed for Christmas day; however, I was down and out with tonsillitis so the dress lay in wait as some excess needed to be pinned out. Late on Christmas day some friends came over and Ivona (of vintage pattern empire fame) pinned in the excess and marked the hem for me. I love my sewing bestie! Altogether, I took in approximately four inches from the underarm through to the hip. From the hip line to the hem, I released each seam by the scantest of margins. Although vintage patterns are usually spot on for me going by the bust measurement, this one was not.

The fabric is a beautiful 80% cotton / 20% polymide German fabric called White Fields and was purchased from Tessuti. It was $28 a metre, purchased on sale with a 30% discount. It is now sold out but was beautiful to work with. I wore the dress yesterday for a trip to Tessuti for more fabric and a Brunetti coffee and I must say that it handled the outing well.

Thanks for reading and until next time…chat quietly amongst yourselves!

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10 thoughts on “Vintage Simplicity

    • Thanks, Kirsty. I bought four pieces of fabric: a navy linen, a green/blue linen, a navy/white zigzag cotton, and a taupe/white knit. Really need to get busy before school starts again! Would love to meet up if you head south one day and do some shopping together.

    • These were my first attempt at them as well and I love them! Did you notice that there are also some normal darts just above the Frenchies? It makes for a gorgeous shape…

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