Vintage Simplicity 7123

Back in September I made this little frock for MissE from a vintage pattern and some Spotlight 100% cotton in my stash.


She wore it to my 40th birthday garden party but I did not manage to photograph it properly or blog about it until now. I piped the yoke in some handmade denim piping (which was a pill but turned out to be a nice detail), underlined the dress with cotton batiste, and made some covered buttons for the sleeves. It is a cool, sweet dress which is different from what is currently available at the shops yet still appropriate for a teen girl. The sixties style certainly seems to suit her!

Thanks for reading and until next time…chat quietly amongst yourselves!

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3 thoughts on “Vintage Simplicity 7123

  1. Lovely dress. I found your blog by reading your comment on Adrienne’s blog about your niece’s posture. I too am a 6′ tall woman and have been since age 14. As I posted on her blog, my mother made me walk with a dictionary on my head until I could walk the full length of the hallway turn around and walk back without the book falling off. It worked, till this day I have great posture and it actually made me feel good about my new walk. Hope this helps. Tell her don’t give up it takes a few days to keep that book from falling off. Lol

    • Yes, another one of those gorgeous vintage patterns which seem to suit MissiE well as the yoke has a raglan sleeve rather than set in sleeves. And still age appropriate!

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