Colette Laurel(s)

I really am the last person to jump on board and sew a popular pattern; however, I needed a frock for the Year 12 formal dinner recently and as usual, I had minimal time to whip something together. Some beautiful fabric from my stash beckoned and as the print spoke for itself, I decided to try the Colette Laurel.

Silly me did not read any reviews and consequently, the bust darts have reached Everest while I am still down at base camp. There was also the usual whispering from the armpit / bust region and I am still trying to establish what is causing this. My new birthday present, Fitting and Pattern Alteration has some suggestions but in the post end-of-school-year flurry and brain drain, I am too sapped to concentrate on the technicalities.

I cut a straight size 0 and it fits over the hips fine as well as not being too big in the chest area. The fabric is a 100% silk twill from The Fabric Store underlined with silk habutai, also from The Fabric Store. It was nice to try a shift dress with some shape and with some tweaking, the pattern could come up a treat. Now, I also made version 2 yesterday. It is waiting only to be hemmed as although I like the colour combination, I am totally unsure of the pattern. My sister, Micky, has already contributed her opinion but further public opinion will determine its fate!

I was really hoping for a smart casual dress to wear over Christmas but this one is not it. Any suggestions for a pattern fitting the bill which accommodates a heavier bottom half?  Thanks for reading and until next time…chat quietly amongst yourselves!

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4 thoughts on “Colette Laurel(s)

  1. I love the first version! If you want a dress in the same style, you could try the Merchant and Mills Camber Dress. I’ve made it a few times and it has a more a-line shape than the Laurel (which I have also made). The Camber dress is better drafted in my opinion too. You can buy it in Australia from Stitch 56 (they have an online store). Happy sewing!

    • Thanks, Rachel! I have seen your Camber dresses (totally cute, may I add!) and was just contemplating purchasing the pattern. Thanks for your opinion about the Camber drafting; good to know. I have essentially no fabric left so maybe a spot of fabric shopping this afternoon may inspire me. Maybe the city will be less packed with this heatwave! Stay cool and happy sewing yourself.

  2. I love your description of the bust darts. They were drafted so high weren’t they. I like both of your versions. So different with the different fabric. i trust Rachel with her cambie comment, though I’ve never made one. I hope you found some inspiration at the fabric shop.

    • Thanks, Kirsty! Maybe I will hem the second one and see what kind of public reaction it gets. No fabric joy in the city today…to use an oldie bit a goodie, “I just couldn’t be fagged.” It was SO hot that by the time I drove in and wandered up a lane or two, I’d had enough and came home. Maybe post Christmas…Hope yours is merry!

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