Teen Version Colette Iris Shorts

Sewing for a teenager is enough to make you question your sanity, in my humble opinion! Equally sanity questioning is trawling the shops looking for appropriate ready-to-wear clothing. MissE does not suffer from a lack of height and has shoulders that would put a swimmer to shame so most often buying clothing is often difficult. For the upcoming summer, I showed her the Colette Iris shorts and some olive linen from my stash. She liked the look, picked some lining fabric, and 24 hours later the shorts were done.

Teamed with a top from Gumboots (last summer), I think she looks pretty cute! Now for some patterns stats…I cut and sewed up a straight size 4. The fit is spot on in the waist but is very roomy through the thigh and hip. As these are designed for women and not 13-year-old girls, this is totally understandable. I considered slimming them down but MissE loves them as they are. Overall, easy to sew and well designed. Another pair will be made for the long, hot days ahead.

Thanks for reading and until next time…chat quietly amongst yourselves!

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5 thoughts on “Teen Version Colette Iris Shorts

    • Oh, it took years for her to lower her standards enough to actually wear something I had made! The grief I felt was indescribable as garments languished, unworn. Now she recognises that stuff I make appeals to her sense of being an individual!

  1. I think you options of wearing your self made clothes are great. I especially love days 5 and
    8. What an elegant dress, Well done Natasha

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