Patou Promenades the Park

Merci Monsieur Patou, la robe est magnifique!

Dear reader, if you will but cast your mind back you will undoubtably remember my bold assertion that I would have a vintage frock ready for an important event within a mere 13 days. I did quietly, and on purpose, fail to mention that this garment would be entirely produced following Susan Khalje’s couture sewing techniques (thread traced and fully underlined in silk organza) just in case it didn’t happen…

It does me great pleasure to mention that I did indeed make good on my claim and produce this gorgeous frock in time for my 40th birthday garden party, even with the uninvited interruption of a tummy bug. I was, however, handstitching down the last two press studs on the belt a mere few hours before the event though! 


Please note: Should you wish to view me the frock in detail, just click on a picture. I had a wonderful day with my family and closest girlfriends at my husband’s aunt’s house and am totally thankful that my family could fly down from Toowoomba, Byron Bay, Newcastle and a friend from Wagga Wagga just because they love me. Sadly, one sister could not make it. Oh, she loves me too, but work commitments got in the way.

In summary, I LOVE the dress and think it is totally me. I can also now happily say that no longer will my vintage patterns grace my shelves like displays of fine art…they will be made up! 

Lastly, although I don’t usually do a cost breakdown, I thought I would for this one:

Vintage pattern borrowed from my friend Ivona: free 

2.7m of Tory Burch 100% Italian cotton from The Fabric Store, which is really heavy and feels like it has linen in it : $64.80

2.7m of silk organza, some from Tessuti and some from Dharma Trading: $60

10 large press studs from Tessuti: $20

3 buttons from Buttonmania: $19.50

1 belt buckle covered by Kate at Buttonmania: $7

Incidentals such as sewing thread and needles: $10

Total – $181.30

Totally not cheap but when compared to prices for mass produced ready-to-wear items that not everyone can afford, this stacks up okay.

Thanks for reading and until next time…chat quietly amongst yourselves!

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11 thoughts on “Patou Promenades the Park

  1. You look absolutely gorgeous Tasha!!! Frock looks amazing and finished with finesse as you know only too well… :-)) so so happy you had a fabulous day!!! Missed you all… Love you xoxo

  2. Thanks, Ness! It was actually fun to sew up as it is really different to what you usually see. The pattern has the collar turned down “properly” but I like to be different so I wore it half up which I think looked fine.

    • Thank you for you kind words! I really only have my mum to thank for my skills…that and my type a bend for perfection in some things! My philosophy is that if I am going to invest my time in something I want it to be quality not quantity so I am prepared to invest monetarily to achieve the result I want. That said, I rarely buy fabric full price but rather, wait for good, local fabric sales.

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