Jean Patou for Vogue

My sewing partner in crime, Ivona, has this AMAZING selection of vintage designer patterns from the 1960’s. When we get together to sew, much time is spent examining the latest pattern arrivals. With an upcoming event only thirteen days away (of which I happen to be the centre of attention) I decided it was time to start a frock. Enter Vogue 2246 by Monsieur Jean Patou via the stash at Madame Ivona’s. This pattern hails from 1969 and is my first attempt at a vintage pattern.

Jean Patou









Today I managed to trace the pattern off onto tracing interfacing, incorporating two small adjustments as I went: lowering the bust dart by one inch and lengthening the bodice by one inch so that the waist line hit in the correct position. I then traced the pattern onto silk organza which I will be using for my underlining. Hopefully tomorrow night will see me cutting into my fabric…

Until tomorrow…IMG_5467

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