International Man of Mystery

May I introduce you to Agent Silver, boss of Silver Incorporated, your friendly local super-spy agency.


Agent Silver is 10 years old, a Lego aficionado, and a lover of mango. At approximately 8:10 am on an undetermined date about a year ago, Agent Silver quietly mentioned that he required a coat. A spy coat. With a gun flap. A few weeks ago I finally found appropriate fabric and set to some secretive work on the Oliver + S Trench. I completed it on Thursday night and Agent Silver wore it to church today; perfect for the wintery weather Melbourne provided for Grand Final day! Agent Silver received many compliments on his fine outer layer and proudly remained in it all day. I love seeing my boy boss happy!


As with all Oliver + S patterns, the details and instructions are impeccable resulting in a mighty fine spy coat. In my opinion the sizing could be slightly bigger in all their patterns (this coat is size 12, the largest available and Agent Silver has only just turned 10) or maybe it is just that my kids are too tall. Although this size allows for some growing room, it will probably be on the short size by next winter.



























I know three little boys that would look just as gorgeous in one of these and am quietly hoping my baby sister doesn’t see this post…! Oh, Agent Silver’s shirt is another Oliver + S pattern. Until next time, keep chatting quietly amongst yourselves.

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