Renfrew Two

My pet peeve is being associated with anything remotely feline so imagine my disgust when I noticed some rather unattractive armpit whiskers on my first Renfrew. In an attempt to banish all things kitty, I decided to check Renfrew’s armscye against Vogue 1314; another knit pattern which has nothing feline going on. As you can see, the Vogue (top piece) is a rather different shape to the Renfrew so I decided to alter said Renfrew armscye and see if that made any difference. IMG_1617

Here is Renfrew Two in Elk Grove Elk Family (for the body) and Elk Grove Mini Chevron (for the trim). IMG_1411 IMG_5422Both fabrics were purchased from the lovely Elissa at Kelani and my copy of Sewaholic’s Renfrew from the most obliging and friendly Caitlan of Indie Stitches. I am measurably happier with the result but still wonder whether more could be done. Any ideas?

Until next time, keep chatting quietly amongst yourselves.

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