Can Bunnings Bring Sewing Happiness?

With two teachers in the family school holidays find all four of us inhabiting the same small space. Great for the first few days and then… well, let’s just say that the man of the house likes to relax while I am a little more A-type. I like to minimise the potential for familial flare-ups and combatting TV induced boredom by announcing that “I have an idea”. This week my ‘idea’ kept us all happy. To those that know me well, I apologise that my standards have slipped and my cottons are not all organised in gradations of hue; it is the holidays after all and I am relaxing.IMG_5429IMG_5427

Until you post your “Can he make me one?” question, keep chatting quietly amongst yourselves.

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6 thoughts on “Can Bunnings Bring Sewing Happiness?

  1. I want one!!! I NEED ONE!! I’m lacking storage in my sewing room. I bought a thread spool rack from Spotlight last week, but it keeps getting moved around the room everytime I sew cos there’s no place for it. My scissors needs a home too!!

    DIY tutorial for this??? 😉

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