Sewaholic’s Renfrew in Merino

Bon jour sewing fans! Last night my husband attended the annual Tour de France night held at our favourite neighbours. This annual event sees a lot of leg, a lot of lycra and a lot of nonsense talk about gradient and velocity; in local vernacular, you little ripper! I decided to avoid such scintillating conversation and stay home to cut out a Renfrew from some 100% New Zealand Merino I purchased last week at The Fabric Store. All cut out to the gentle hum of Le Tour in the background (not information that I wish to share with hubby as he thinks I detest watching it), I was prepared for some sewing today.

Everything went together quickly and easily. I cut a straight 6 and made no alterations to the fit as I wanted to see how it would turn out. Overall, I am reasonably happy with it. A few points to note for next time: the sleeves are on the long side for me and there appears to be some whiskering under the arms but that may simply be the lack of proper adjustment as it was a brisk 9.C when I went outside to quickly get some shots; hubby does not worry about the niceties of a shot!. FYI: my bust measurement is 34″ and my arm length is 20″ from the shoulder to the wrist bone should you wish to make a comparison to yourself before making this top. The fabric was $36 / metre and I used 1.4 m.


Note to self: don’t go and take photos outside when it is freezing cold as you look unhappy and severe.

Until next time, vive le tour ouvrage and keep chatting quietly amongst yourselves.

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2 thoughts on “Sewaholic’s Renfrew in Merino

  1. Hi Tash, I saw the dress not the merino top or dress. The dress looks fine and the colour suits you. The neckline sits well.\

    Love MUM

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