Tailor’s Ham

Aim for the school holidays…sew my little heart out! Actually, one of my closest friends can not believe how few clothes I own and I do believe that even the seniors at school are sick of seeing me in the same four outfits week in, week out. Consequently, my goal is to make some wearable clothing these school holidays. Here is my first completed project; a tailor’s ham. HUH? Wearable clothing? No, but this little baby will help me with the essential pressing as I do sew.

I used an Encino (decorating weight) for the front and a pure wool for the back. The inside is lined with multiple layers of calico and filled with sawdust. The stuffing took twice as long as the cutting out and sewing but I love it! So much more attractive than the ones from Spotlight/Lincraft and relatively cheap (I can’t work out an exact figure as I purchased the Encino fabric about ten years ago). I used Chance of Rain’s pattern/instructions and can highly recommend it; I will make some of the other shapes included in the pattern at a later date but for now it feels good to have this basic one completed. Now, on with my clothes sewing! I am nearly finished my first stretch dress; the currently popular Vogue 1314. Can’t wait to show you all!

IMG_5022 IMG_5021











Until next time, chat quietly amongst yourselves!

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