Vogue 8424

I love it when Mum visits. While I’m pondering whether I will squeeze a skirt out of a teeny-weeny amount of fabric, Mum has it pinned and the scissors ready to cut! We used Vogue 8424, a basic straight skirt with a few options. This photo is of the skirt back:


The skirt is View A amped up a bit with the aid of an exposed metal zip. The fabric was a remnant from Spotlight in a cotton/spandex. The fabric cost me $14.99 and the zip $9.95. Some minor tweaking of the pattern was necessary to accommodate my hip/waist disparity (let’s leave it at that!) and I lowered the waist by 1.25″. Once the proper camera is home after trekking Cradle Mountain in Tasmania, I will pose in said garment and post.

Update post wear: the cotton/spandex blend has a reasonable amount of give in it so take that into account if you ever make something out of it. Very comfortable to wear though…

Until next time, chat quietly amongst yourselves…

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2 thoughts on “Vogue 8424

  1. I am loving this skirt and want to take inspiration to make one like it. Does the zipper separate all the way up and did you put something under it? Love this look!

    • Hi Renee,

      Yes, the zipper does separate all the one up and completely comes apart (like a jacket zip would do). I did not put anything underneath it but in retrospect should have as the zip is heavy (it is a metal teethed one) and the skirt can ‘buckle’ a little near the zip from the weight. I hope you do end up taking inspiration and making yourself one!

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