Pin Basting

Today, I vowed to set a sleeve into my Burda business shirt and bring it one step closer to completion. After two attempts at tradition insertion methods, I gave up in frustration and did a quick Google search for alternate methods. Welcome to pin basting! Firstly, I ripped out the two rows of gathering threads. Starting at the underarm seam, I pinned there and at all other notches before making my way all around the sleeve head. The trick is to pin very close together, managing the ease as you go. Here is my pinned sleeve head and the 70+ pins I used!


I then basted twice around the sleeve, on either side of my stitching line. This was my preferred method as it allowed me to work out any minor puckers between the two rows and kept the stitching line area flat.


After removing the pins, I headed to the machine and stitched the sleeve in place. The sleeve piece was facing up and the shirt body piece was underneath. This allowed me to clearly see any puckering and work them out before stitching them into the garment. No one wants that! Here is the final product, albeit un-ironed. Perfection, methinks! I highly recommend attempting this method the next time you have to insert a sleeve. Good luck!


Until next time, chat quietly amongst yourselves…

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