Couture Sewing Update

Please ignore the blandness of this post. The last two times that I have carefully crafted this exact post it vanishes upon me hitting the “Publish Post” button. Exceptionally frustrating. But, onward I forge.

The next step I was to take in my couture sewing online class involved muslin assembly. The class teacher, Susan Khalje, recommends using waxed tracing paper for pattern tracing and lists a few sources in the US. A firm believer that most things are available in Australia, and a detester of US shipping charges, I spent a month searching for some locally. Alas, my efforts were fruitless and I remained a despondent and underachieving class member. Finally, I pushed aside thoughts of being ripped off and visited Richard the Thread to place an order. Here I discovered that:

  1. You, said client, shall place a minimum $35 order. Um, OK.
  2. You, said client, must order a minimum three sheets per colour. I really wanted a couple of colours but OK.
  3. You, said client, shall be charged $11.85 per three sheets of waxed tracing paper. What else could I buy?

After trawling, uninterestedly, through corset and millinery supplies, I came across the scissors section. Hmmm…methinks…My 17 year old, $20 Wiltshire’s could be updated so why not buy something new and fancy like? So I did! I have not heard of Shozaburo scissors before but with Samurai ancestry (the scissors, not I) and at a reasonable price of $89.95, into the basket a pair of Slim Light’s went. Two weeks later I received an excessively large parcel (now I know why shipping is so expensive). Firstly, the scissors.

Anything would feel and look good after my Wiltshire’s so I will compare them to my mum’s and mother-in-law’s Gingher’s. I find Gingher’s very heavy and quite uncomfortable on my hand. In comparison, the Shozaburo’s are light and comfortable. They cut like a dream! Well worth my $.

On to the waxed tracing paper. In the first picture my pattern and muslin is on top of the red tracing paper. It is heavily coated and definitely waxy. As you can see in the second picture below, the transferred colour is very strong. It does come off a little onto hands and clothing so I would recommend care when using around very light colours. I wish I had ordered at least one other colour as red may not be useful all the time.

Anyway, at least I can now continue learning! Susan uses a method that keeps your entire multi-sized pattern intact which I am loving! To date, I highly recommend the class.

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