The great BurdaStyle magazine manhunt in Melbourne

After reading Frabjous Couture’s run down of BurdaStyle May 2012, I decided it was THE issue I had to have and went in search of my own copy. I tried a few local newsagents (no success) before heading into the city to MagNation (also no success). Not to be deterred, a la dog with a bone, I tried another spot today and turned up lucky(ish!). So, for your shopping pleasure, I hereby announce that Nextra Newsagency at Westfield Doncaster (lower level, next to Coles) receives 14 copies of each issue! The “ish” part is that they are yet to receive the May 2012 issue. They do, however, have 10 copies of the January 2012 issue still available and on the floor. To make my magazine ownership even more secure, they offered to pop my name on a copy as soon as it arrives in store. How is that for customer service!


Last night I popped in to Nextra, Doncaster to check to progress of my long awaited Burda magazine only to be told that they are no longer stocking it. WHAT?!  Back to the drawing board/ newsagent crawl.

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